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  5. Supporting ShawtysLobby And Promoting It Everywhere I Go Make Sure To Check It Out!

    :D happy to help 

    Discord - L7ay / Display = Why

    Forum Name - why

  6. my discord - @L7AY 

  7. i am an autistic black monkey who doesnt break tos cough cough and will not harm you in any way shape or form... bye now :classic_love:

    I Love ShawtysLobby Unlock All <3  :classic_love:spacer.png

  8. ive joined the new server but have no permision to verify or see many channels its all restricted
  9. just open a ticket on the new server with all the poof you got and @Ryan & @Tobi er got you asap, prob the next 0-24h - dont worry when oyu can provide real proof you lost no money youa at a good place here, shawtyaslobby 🙂
  10. Yester i purchased a 1 day cold war tool and i payed used £5 german amazon gift card and i got told i need to wait between 0-24hrs to recieve my product from an admin and now its the next day and the server has been terminated, how do i recieve my tool now? ive got video proof of me sending the code to the mods and getting told about how i have to wait for an admin.
  11. what button opens the V5 menu
  12. I am very happy with V5 MORE Than 2 months I am using and there is no any banned or KD, but I am using also AGED account and also best support they are helping customer 24/7
  13. ace cheese had v4 since the game came out love it
  14. just make your own one bro. the slower the aimbot is, the more legitimate it looks at best use esp only if your good - just make sure you won't get reported much because this ends in a kill disconnect and maybe sb
  15. more products already added to the master key the last weeks/months 🙂 we are continue working on more great cheats and tools
  16. yea we are getting terminated by discord a lot, 14 times already just always join the new discord linked here on the website or link at our backups on discord
  17. FOV: 15.714 Aim Bone: any Smoothing: 12.762 Closest By: smart
  18. This is fire worth it 💯
  19. Much Appriciated Shawty! il be back for more tools
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